Home again

We have now been back in the states for a month and England feels like a half forgotten dream. Reacclimatizing to home was much easier than I expected. Once we got here it felt as though we had never been gone.

Upon the advice of a friend, I wrote down everything that seemed odd when we returned so that I would remember that at one point in time it had been different.

Here is a list that formed during the first week we were home.

  • You can see street signs as you walk down a street.
  • It is odd to see American Brands.
  • Restaurants come and give you water the minute you sit down.
  • Refills are free.
  • You have to look the opposite way when crossing the street.
  • What looks like a grape gummy tastes like a grape gummy and not blackcurrant.
  • Toilets have water in the bottom.
  • There are paper towels in bathrooms as well as hand dryers.
  • It felt funny to hop in a car and go somewhere instead of walking everywhere.

Now that life is settled a little all of these things on the list seem normal again and it is hard to imagine them feeling odd.

This one time in York… begins many of my sentences every day. It is a pleasant half forgotten dream that I will cherish for the rest of my life.