Crocheting: Chevron Blanket


After the lovely little Rainbow blanket I felt it was time for a larger undertaking! I was missing my best friend terribly and so I decided to work on a blanket for her 🙂

This is the pattern I used for the base of my blanket. I say base because I used chunky yarn instead of regular and so each color chunk was a full skien, not half. I also only used 3 colors instead of 4 for a total of 12 skeins of Chunky Special by Stylecraft (3 each charcoal, burgundy, and khaki).

The end result was a lot of fun! Very easy! Great weight and shape!


Crocheting: rainbows and ruffles

While making the Sampler Afghan, I really enjoyed this particular stitch and so I thought:  “Why not make a little granny row blanket out of lots of colors and put ruffles on it?!”

So that is what I did.

There are about 6 different skeins of yarn in this blanket. 2 full 1oog skeins and 2 full 5og skeins along with little bits from other skeins for lots of bright colors. I mixed up all of the skeins into a random order and made one large ball so that I would have a very randomized color pattern. It was an experiment and I really enjoyed the outcome. I cannot wait to have reason to make another one. This one is just for practice.








Crocheting: a sampling

After making adorable little things I wanted to learn some new stitches. I came across this Crochet Along Afghan on The Inspired Wren (here is the original post) and decided to give it a try. 10 different stitches 2 times for 20 squares and a perfect sized afghan.

I learned so much from this little sampling. I think I like crocheting even more now.








This afghan was completed May 2016

Crocheting: starting small

After I fell in love with crocheting (Crocheting: an accidental hat), I decided I should actually follow a pattern and maybe see if I could make something look like it was supposed to look instead of naming it after I had finished. For the last few months I have been very busy crocheting and enjoying my self immensely. The only problem with crocheting is it keeps my hands so busy I forget to blog! I suppose there are worse things!

After trying to make a blanket and coming out with a hat (?) I thought I should start much smaller. I thought tiny little baby booties might be ok for my head to work with. I would only need to count to 24 max and then maybe I could make it work. Well, it worked!!!! And I just took off. Here are a few of the cute little things I made. IMG_5092


I used several different bootie and beanie patterns. These little booties are preemie size and I used Mama That Makes baby sock pattern and really enjoyed how very simple it was. Just what I needed to actually make what I meant to make haha.


All of the beanies are made from this pattern here in different sizes and then I embellished I little :))

For these adorable booties I found a wonderful pattern on Pictured above you will see three versions of the same bootie (left to right) scalloped wrap, plain wrap, and fold down. The only thing that changes is the wrap for each version. I loved using this pattern. Each bootie took around 45 minutes from start to finish.

***Just to clarify*** these small little baby things are not for me! haha I’m just learning. 😀

Crocheting: an accidental hat

The other day I decided it was time to re-learn how to crochet. My E-mama had taught me when I was little. My E-mama is an amazing teacher. When all the grand girls were little we all learned how to sew from her patient, methodic, wonderful hands. She always made everything seem so easy and could make everything easier for you by just talking. E-mama knew how little hands and minds worked and when I was learning to crochet she put my ball of yarn in a round tupperware with a hole in the top for the yarn to feed out so it wouldn’t roll away. I have great memories of learning to crochet, but I never made anything except a very very long chain. 😀

This month, after around 15 years, I decided it was time to remember how to do it and to actually put it to use! So I started out with a blanket in mind. I figured that I couldn’t mess up a little blanket…. its square…. I could just practice…

I was incorrect. Somehow the first 5 rows came out in a perfect ruffle and then all of the sudden it was perfectly straight and correct… I could not recreate it if I tried. haha! I went on and everything was fine, cute even. About 30 rows in I thought… this kinda looks like it could be a hat… so that is what it is now. It is a lovely, adorable, 20s style toddler hat! haha. My next project really will be a blanket!


Hat1 FullSizeRender_3









*many thanks to the water bottle that graciously allowed me to use it as my model*

A cozy blanket in 4 hours

Yesterday was a drab and rainy day and I was in an especially nappy mood so I thought to myself: “do something productive that doesn’t require much thinking.” I just happened to have been given some beautiful yarn for Christmas  so I thought I would try my hand (or arm 😉 ) at arm knitting. I had watched Simply Maggie do it on her blog so I went back there and watched things. I am so glad I did because now I am cuddled cozily under my very own  blanket!


I used super bulky Lions Brand Wool-Ease Yarn like Maggie mentions here. 3 different colors (Blossom, Cobalt and Sky Blue) made for a really nice modeled effect. I used 6 skeins of yarn total and my blanket is a wonderful one person size. While I used the type of yarn, mentioned above, 3 skeins at a time, I really found the video I embedded to be the most helpful one. Although her’s takes 45 minutes, I clocked in around 4 hours. I think I will get faster though. I really really enjoyed this project!

Thank you for the fun day of knitting, Maggie!

The Finished Product 🙂