The Pubs of York

If you are ever visiting York, these are a few of our favorite places from the year. It is hard to believe it has been a year!

The Plough in Fulford= wonderful B&B with a cat and great atmosphere. We stayed 4 nights and the staff was amazing.

The Royal Oak = Quiet on a week night. Very calm atmosphere and great hangout.

The Attic = Coffee bar by day, Gin bar by night. Wonderful Kraken Rum! and excellent Arran Irish Cream.

The Lion and Lamb = Very small. quaint, but too full for my taste and hard to visit. Very good rum and coke.

Suttlers = Adorable Gin bar with great individual rooms. Best atmosphere.

Charles XII in Heslington = Excellent prices, fun Monday night hangout. Good food!

The Hole in the Wall = very cute and cozy with its fireplaces and very good cider 🙂

The Eagle and Child = This is a new pub here. It is based in Leeds but they just opened one here. The inside is charming and it is a really nice quiet weekday pub. They have Kraken Rum so I really like it! This is the pub we frequented the most. It turned into our fave!

The Cross Keys= This is the pub that is directly behind the Minster and St Michael le Belfrey, so after a service it is a nice place to grab a pint. Cozy fires and great gin.

The Old White Swan= Great Sunday Roast in a lovely Beer Garden!

The Duke of York= Right off of Kings Square, excellent ciders always on tap!

The Golden Fleece= This is the oldest pub in York. It is crooked becasue it was built without a foundation and so much fun. The food there is some of the best pub grub in York.



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