Is it really that time already?

It is hard to believe that this time last year John and I were hurrying around getting visas in order, looking for flats in York, and still really trying to see if this year was even feasible. Now it has been a year in York. A year of growth, of stillness, of impatience, and of dreaming. Looking back, it was a blink of an eye.

Dreaming was what kept me going this year. Knowing that this was the stepping stone to a new chapter. Now I am sitting here in our little flat, on the edge of that new chapter, writing this because I am too excited to sleep. I have been telling myself this time was going to come and now that it is here it is hard to believe.

The last days have been so full of cleaning and packing and saying goodbye to people and places, I am not sure it had really registered that we are leaving until I woke up really early this morning excited. What fun!

Things I will miss when we move home:

Walking by the Minster and getting bowled over by the wind while carrying all of the groceries.


People watching from our flat window.

Living by a river.

 Clotted cream, Double cream, and the eggs.

Our friends

Our tiny, cozy flat

Being kinda close to Scotland.

The City Wall

Things I will not miss 🙂

Our toilet closet :p


Goodbye, York! It has been a ride!






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