Crocheting: Chevron Blanket


After the lovely little Rainbow blanket I felt it was time for a larger undertaking! I was missing my best friend terribly and so I decided to work on a blanket for her 🙂

This is the pattern I used for the base of my blanket. I say base because I used chunky yarn instead of regular and so each color chunk was a full skien, not half. I also only used 3 colors instead of 4 for a total of 12 skeins of Chunky Special by Stylecraft (3 each charcoal, burgundy, and khaki).

The end result was a lot of fun! Very easy! Great weight and shape!


We went to Paris… a month ago


Our trip to Paris fell right before a busy season in our lives. When we got back time just got away from me and I did not get to show you all what fun we had while there.

We left York for London on the 24th of August. Once there we met our friends, and took the Chunnel to Paris. You could hardly tell how fast you were riding. It was great fun to go under ground in England and come up in French countryside. We arrived at Gare du Nord and head to the hotel.

The heat hit us like a wall when we got off the train. Our whole trip was quite warm. The high was 97F and the low 80F. Nothing had air conditioning and so many cold showers were had. Besides the heat it was fun.


After we arrived and got settled we headed out to dinner at Restaurant Chartier. It was delicious. The inside of the restaurant had been an old hotel and still had the floor to ceiling mirrors and luggage racks. The atmosphere was neat.

On the way back to the hotel we walked by the paris Opera House.



Day 2 we struck out extremely early (7am) for Versailles. After 2 trains we arrived in the little town of Versailles. We went directly to a map and tried to get our bearings. While we were looking, a little old man came up and twinkled at us pointing and nodding towards the palace. img_5908The first glimpse of the palace. We spent most of the day here, going in and out of rooms, touring the gardens in a golf cart we rented, eating gelato in Little Italy, and napping next to the Grand Canal.

Around we headed back to Paris and cooled off a little while before heading back out to climb up to the Sacre Coeur and Montmartre.



Day 3 we slept in a little and got croissants for breakfast. Then we hopped on the underground and took in al sorts of sights. First it was off to the Champs Elysees.


We shopped and had a lovely time.

Then it was off to Ile Saint Louis and the Notre Dame, lunch, and the Seine.  img_5981



After a nice sit by the river we wandered around the Italian Quarter and cooled off in a little piano bar. Next we jumped back on the underground and popped over to Hotel des Invalides.



View from the Pyramids in the Louvre. After this we headed home via the underground and a lovely little creperie.

Day 4 was great fun!!! We started off going to a local grocery store and getting a very large picnic. Then we headed off to the Eiffel Tower and ate almost directly next to it! It was a lovely morning.img_6015

Next we struck out in search of the mini Statue of Liberty. We found it on a little island down a treelined path. Walking back we saw yet another view of the Tower. img_6021


img_6022After that we went to the gorgeous Luxenbourg Gardens and had a lovely refreshing sit in the shade of the lush trees. We had gotten so very over heated in the last few days, we were all dragging this day. This little sit really helped us push through the heat of the day.

We then headed back to the hotel to regroup for our last BIG thing! img_6028

Sunset on top to the Eiffel Tower! It was so much fun to see the city from that vantage point.




It was a lovely way to end our trip. It was a whirlwind but we saw a whole bunch and it was great fun. The only thing I wish we could have done was go into the opera house and see an opera. That will be next time!



The Pubs of York

If you are ever visiting York, these are a few of our favorite places from the year. It is hard to believe it has been a year!

The Plough in Fulford= wonderful B&B with a cat and great atmosphere. We stayed 4 nights and the staff was amazing.

The Royal Oak = Quiet on a week night. Very calm atmosphere and great hangout.

The Attic = Coffee bar by day, Gin bar by night. Wonderful Kraken Rum! and excellent Arran Irish Cream.

The Lion and Lamb = Very small. quaint, but too full for my taste and hard to visit. Very good rum and coke.

Suttlers = Adorable Gin bar with great individual rooms. Best atmosphere.

Charles XII in Heslington = Excellent prices, fun Monday night hangout. Good food!

The Hole in the Wall = very cute and cozy with its fireplaces and very good cider 🙂

The Eagle and Child = This is a new pub here. It is based in Leeds but they just opened one here. The inside is charming and it is a really nice quiet weekday pub. They have Kraken Rum so I really like it! This is the pub we frequented the most. It turned into our fave!

The Cross Keys= This is the pub that is directly behind the Minster and St Michael le Belfrey, so after a service it is a nice place to grab a pint. Cozy fires and great gin.

The Old White Swan= Great Sunday Roast in a lovely Beer Garden!

The Duke of York= Right off of Kings Square, excellent ciders always on tap!

The Golden Fleece= This is the oldest pub in York. It is crooked becasue it was built without a foundation and so much fun. The food there is some of the best pub grub in York.


Is it really that time already?

It is hard to believe that this time last year John and I were hurrying around getting visas in order, looking for flats in York, and still really trying to see if this year was even feasible. Now it has been a year in York. A year of growth, of stillness, of impatience, and of dreaming. Looking back, it was a blink of an eye.

Dreaming was what kept me going this year. Knowing that this was the stepping stone to a new chapter. Now I am sitting here in our little flat, on the edge of that new chapter, writing this because I am too excited to sleep. I have been telling myself this time was going to come and now that it is here it is hard to believe.

The last days have been so full of cleaning and packing and saying goodbye to people and places, I am not sure it had really registered that we are leaving until I woke up really early this morning excited. What fun!

Things I will miss when we move home:

Walking by the Minster and getting bowled over by the wind while carrying all of the groceries.


People watching from our flat window.

Living by a river.

 Clotted cream, Double cream, and the eggs.

Our friends

Our tiny, cozy flat

Being kinda close to Scotland.

The City Wall

Things I will not miss 🙂

Our toilet closet :p


Goodbye, York! It has been a ride!