A Very Good Visit

The last two weeks have been so wonderful. My parents and grandmother came to visit us and we had many adventures. John and I showed them York AND we went to Edinburgh and saw everything.

here is a pretty flower

To start out it was the hottest day we had had in York. Fitting since the Texas contingent had just landed.  Because of that and jet lag we just walked around the neighborhood and got the lay of the land.

A lovely tree on my favorite street, The Avenue.

The next day was a bit of a blur. John had rehearsals and we walked around his university campus to show them where he has been all year. After a delicious meal at Charles XII (a pub near school)  we went to The 24 concert. It was delightful.

Capturing the multi angular Roman Tower in the Museum Gardens

Day 3 was a tour of the city wall. It was a very pleasant day with lots of sun. I got my first English sunburn! Halfway around we had coffee at Gatehouse Coffee and met some wonderful people there. Then made our way back to our side of town, ending with lunch at The Circle Cafe on Lendal Bridge where all the doors are for tiny people.

Friday we headed off to Edinburgh. The train ride was so fun. We packed a picnic and ate on the train while watching beautiful scenery pass us mile by mile. We arrived in Edinburgh at 9pm and scurried up a close from the station to our hotel. After checking in, we decided we were hungry and scurried half way down the same close to a little greasy spoon where we ordered one of everything (it seemed like). Mmmm.

On the first full day in Edinburgh, we explored Edinburgh Castle. It was splendid. It reminded us of Gondor and must have been an inspiration to Tolkien while he was writing LOTR. It also happened to be the Queen’s 90th birthday while we were there. We got to watch a 21 gun salute from the castle battlements. On the way home we had a tasty coffee at a pub.

View from the castle
View entering the castle through the first of 7 gates.

The next day was rainy and felt very chilly because of it. We had planned to climb Arthur’s Seat, a very tall hill in Holyrood Park, but since it was raining we elected not to and sent John up alone to document. He got some amazing pictures while we stayed warm and toasty in Holyrood Palace.

Holyrood Palace courtyard
Holyrood Abbey
Arthur’s Seat the day before John climbed.
Arthur’s Seat from half way up. 

The next day we finished up all the things we had wanted to see but didn’t, like St Giles Cathedral, Mary King’s Close, and Sir Walter Scott’s Monument. Then we hangout at the train station till time to board.

Our Marks &Spencer picnic by Scott Monument 

Obligatory food pictures 🙂 Most everything got eaten too quickly to photograph!!!

Back in York we were worn out so we went a little slower for the second half of the trip.

Over the next six days we did a tour of lots of our favorite little churches, went to Clifford’s Tower and the Castle Museum, sang/played in Clamity’s St John Passion, and ate a whole bunch! Here are some highlights:::


Peony in the Museum Gardens
By the Ouse 
Wine and Cheese Night
Looking into a little side street in York.
Outside York Minster

It was hard to say good bye, but it was so worth seeing them and sharing York and Edinburgh with them! It was a very good visit.


3 thoughts on “A Very Good Visit

  1. What a lovely family together time you describe. And great to read about your trip to my home country of Scotland, I did a years post-grad in Edinburgh, based in Moray House at bottom of Royal Mile a couple of blocks up from Holyrood.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is amazing, Helen! That part of the world is about the prettiest thing I have ever seen. We felt like we barely skimmed the surface. John and I go back to Scotland in July. We want to see the highlands: Inverness and the Ilse of Skye. I cannot wait!!


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