Crocheting: starting small

After I fell in love with crocheting (Crocheting: an accidental hat), I decided I should actually follow a pattern and maybe see if I could make something look like it was supposed to look instead of naming it after I had finished. For the last few months I have been very busy crocheting and enjoying my self immensely. The only problem with crocheting is it keeps my hands so busy I forget to blog! I suppose there are worse things!

After trying to make a blanket and coming out with a hat (?) I thought I should start much smaller. I thought tiny little baby booties might be ok for my head to work with. I would only need to count to 24 max and then maybe I could make it work. Well, it worked!!!! And I just took off. Here are a few of the cute little things I made. IMG_5092


I used several different bootie and beanie patterns. These little booties are preemie size and I used Mama That Makes baby sock pattern and really enjoyed how very simple it was. Just what I needed to actually make what I meant to make haha.


All of the beanies are made from this pattern here in different sizes and then I embellished I little :))

For these adorable booties I found a wonderful pattern on Pictured above you will see three versions of the same bootie (left to right) scalloped wrap, plain wrap, and fold down. The only thing that changes is the wrap for each version. I loved using this pattern. Each bootie took around 45 minutes from start to finish.

***Just to clarify*** these small little baby things are not for me! haha I’m just learning. 😀


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