Crocheting: an accidental hat

The other day I decided it was time to re-learn how to crochet. My E-mama had taught me when I was little. My E-mama is an amazing teacher. When all the grand girls were little we all learned how to sew from her patient, methodic, wonderful hands. She always made everything seem so easy and could make everything easier for you by just talking. E-mama knew how little hands and minds worked and when I was learning to crochet she put my ball of yarn in a round tupperware with a hole in the top for the yarn to feed out so it wouldn’t roll away. I have great memories of learning to crochet, but I never made anything except a very very long chain. 😀

This month, after around 15 years, I decided it was time to remember how to do it and to actually put it to use! So I started out with a blanket in mind. I figured that I couldn’t mess up a little blanket…. its square…. I could just practice…

I was incorrect. Somehow the first 5 rows came out in a perfect ruffle and then all of the sudden it was perfectly straight and correct… I could not recreate it if I tried. haha! I went on and everything was fine, cute even. About 30 rows in I thought… this kinda looks like it could be a hat… so that is what it is now. It is a lovely, adorable, 20s style toddler hat! haha. My next project really will be a blanket!


Hat1 FullSizeRender_3









*many thanks to the water bottle that graciously allowed me to use it as my model*


5 thoughts on “Crocheting: an accidental hat

  1. I have found that some of the best things happen by accident! It is a lovely hat! I remember those sewing camps at Emama’s! Y’all had such a blast! Bless you Emama! What a gift you gave to all those little cousins!:)))


  2. I am so happy you had a great (hopefully worry free) trip. I love your blog but I don’t think my comments are sticking. Love you both. Keep enjoying your adventures.

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