Fifth place and a day in Leeds

This last week was excellent fun! We galavanted all over the place.

Last Sunday was a beautiful day and the Ouse was finally at a normal level so we took off down the path by the river and enjoyed the day. Where we were walking was a dog park I think, because there were lots of adorable dogs running and playing. As we were stopped admiring the river, a man walked by with his very cute dog. He was playing his harmonica and the dog was smiling at him. It just felt so picturesque, standing there on the bank of the river listening to the sounds of the day.


Then Wednesday we headed out to Clifton Moor, a little  for an evening of bowling at TenPin with John’s choir. We drank slushies and bowled a couple of games. I was a kid all over again!  I was also on a roll and won the first game. It was such a rare occurrence I am documenting it!!! Over all 20+ people in the choir, I was 5TH!!! Hahaha!

Then Saturday we took our first sojourn out of York. Bec drove us (Ben, myself, and John) to Leeds for a day of watching rehearsals and enjoying a concert. It was a really lovely drive and an interesting day. It was long and I got tired, but is was fun to spend it with buddies. We went Ben’s favorite little Japanese restaurant called Fuji Hiro and had ramen. It was delicious and really fun!


Most of the day was spent in the recital hall of University of Leeds. It was a very pretty hall.

There was an artist sitting right in front of me during the rehearsal. He sketched so quickly and really captured the atmosphere.

We sat in a rehearsal for I Fagiolini (a vocal consort) and Fretwork (a viol consort) and then went to their evening concert. Such beautiful music. It was also interesting because the voices were exactly matched
by the viols. Usually there are fewer viols than singers, but this time they were even. This made for a very different balance and texture.




Busy week, but very fun!


Happy Monday!

It is being to look like Spring around here

2 thoughts on “Fifth place and a day in Leeds

  1. Those are all great pictures with a great story to boot. I was fascinated by the artist sketch. I am in awe of someone who can sketch a scene that quickly. 🙂

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