The sanding adventure

This last week we got to work on a beautiful house here in York. John’s professor and his family have a beautiful Edwardian Era home and they are redoing it and restoring it’s beauty. John and I got to be a part of that process this week. It is a three story home with lots and lots of stairs. A painting team is going to paint the hallway and all the balusters and newel posts so we got to sand them all. There were a whole bunch. Many many many.

All of the balusters and newel posts were painted a bright white with a very high gloss finish. Our job was to sand them down to a lovely matte finish so the paint would stick. It is so rewarding to get to be part of a process like this one. I love seeing the project take shape and watch the transformation.

As I sanded, I thought how much I wanted to take a house through this process. It is a good thing John like old houses too! We may be having a money pit situation in our future. :O

Everything about the house is wonderful.

The fact that almost every room on the first two floors has a fireplace makes me so happy.  There does not even have to be a fire in them. It is just the coziest little picture. Dream #1 Redo an Old Fireplace.

I just love this

One morning we were moving furniture around to that the painters would be able to work and I shut the door behind me in the living room and got locked in because the door nob wasn’t screwed on. There were three of us stuck in a room debating if climbing out the front window and ringing the doorbell was an option. Fortunately we were let out before that became necessary, but it will always be funny.  Dream #2 Have a front window to climb out of if the need should arise.

The acoustics in the house are fabulous. While sanding I may or may not have been singing…. three stories of plaster walls and wood floors makes for an excellent practice space. It was almost as good as a bathroom!

I might never get to work on an Edwardian house again, but it sure was fun! Worth all the sanded off finger prints and knuckles. York is fun!

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