Trains and a rare sunny day

York has been nice and quiet for the couple weeks I have posted about food 🙂 I do enjoy food, but I should let everyone know what we have been up to besides eating :p

John and I had a lovely anniversary dinner at Côte Brasserie. It was delicious. After which we strolled around the deserted, brightly lit streets. Happy, happy day. (my dinner is pictured below 😀 )

On one rare sunny day this month, we took a stroll to the National Railway Museum which is very close to us. It was quite splendid. There are two large warehouses full of trains and models and interesting factoids. We especially enjoyed the train cars of the monarchs, still decorated as they left them. It made us think it might be fun to make a tiny house out a train car one day. Its so fun to dream.

I highly recommend the National Railway Museum when visiting York. It is free (just a little donation is ask for but not necessary) and it is full of great exhibits and cute cafes. It was a very worthwhile Saturday afternoon.

A view of one of the great showrooms from atop a bridge.

The Ouse is finally getting back to normal this month. The rowing club was out in full force and tiny shorts. It was a spectacle to behold.

Being here for the worst flood since 1625 was pretty epic, although I am positive that the shop owners didn’t feel that way. For a few weeks the news made it seem like York was closed for business, which was not true, and so that took a toll on the businesses that had not been flooded. It seems to picking up again.

Here is the Ouse about a week ago. All that is wrong is a fallen tree. Everything is getting back to normal.
Enjoying the sun in the Museum Gardens

Happy Sunday!


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