A New Year in Old York

At the Stroke of Midnight this new year, I was warm and cozy in our little flat, drinking a rum and coke and popping Christmas Crackers we had forgotten to pop on Christmas Day. It was like many nights I get to spend with my sweetie, just the two of us being silly, watching a show, and eating good food. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, but it was special. We could hear the bells from the Minster clang as the New Year began and lots of people enjoying their very drunk celebration. There was a festive environment outside of our little home, but I wouldn’t have traded my spot for anything!

If you had told me last New Year that I would be living in York, England at the end of 2015, I would have scoffed. Haha. I had plans for this year and England wasn’t even on the radar in January 2015. By March it was a mere blip on that radar and now its a full fledged reality. I am so glad that we are here and that my plans did not happen. I realize that plans are wonderfully comforting to have, but in the long run they are guidelines and should allow for changes.

I am a planner. I always have been. From when I was tiny I have scheduled my life. At an early age, I allowed myself 20 minute play breaks after certain homework assignments were completed. That was me. I knew I was going to be a classical singer at 3. I planned all the way through grad school and maybe a doctorate… straight through 10 year plan! The good Lord had different ideas and I must say they are wonderful.

2015 in review:

January: 1st anniversary

February: Grad school auditions

March: Mozart’s La finta Giardiniera, my last opera with Oberlin Opera Theater 


April: Senior recital

May:  Graduation

June: NAPA Music Festival 


July: a wonderful California month


August: Julie and Yevgen’s wedding!


September: Getting ready for York 😮

October: Finding the perfect flat in York!

November: Turning 23 with great new friends

December: A flood, a Christmas abroad, a crafty month

Here is to another year of planning and then leaving it all in God’s hands! Happy New Year!

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