23 on the 23rd and a sad bird

York is a wonderful place to have a birthday 🙂 John and I got to host wonderful people and eat tasty food. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. I made gnocchi again since it had gone so well last time!

Flowers from the lovely Bec. And a sweet card from Katie, Owen, and Emi. I’m a lucky gal.

Our menu was as follows:


Honey Drizzled Pear and Stillton Crostini

Ginger Beer, Lemon and Whiskey Jello Shots


Gnocchi Bar:

Italian Sausage

Lamb and Rosemary Sausage

Baked Chicken

Parmesan Alfredo


Sautéed Peas in butter and garlic

Roasted Butternut squash

Peppery Italian Salad with Creamy Lemon Pepper Dressing


Irish Chocolate Cupcakes


Dark chocolate ganache and Baileys icing

It was great fun to cook and even more fun to eat! In the delightful frenzy I neglected a picture of the feast but dear Katie snapped a shot of the festivities!

Tasty Cupcakes!!

The next highlight of the week was the concert of the Calamity Consort  on Friday. Not only was there amazingly beautiful music performed elegantly, the church was glorious. There are so many tiny churches in York and this was one of the cutest ones I’ve seen to date. It was first time it was mentioned in writing was 1089, which means it is probably much older! All Saints Church, North Street, York is a must see if you come to visit.

The beautiful All Saints Church, North Street, York

In other news, the Pheasant did not quite share the success of some of my other meals. My darling husband kept me calm, but there were some tears. haha!  It turns out there is a definite learning curve to cooking gamey meat. After an afternoon of roasting pheasant and potatoes, nothing done. I finally finished it off in the microwave. The potatoes tasted odd and the bird was a sad tough mess. We ended up going out for dinner that night. hahaha Live and learn, I suppose. I am not sure when my little ego will be ready to tackle pheasant again. It was also the first time potatoes haven’t finished roasting…. From this I learned how to really roast a potato from Katie, Bec, and Emi. I cannot wait to try this new (to me) method. 🙂 Thank you, ladies 🙂

True tragedy on a plate…. haha

I have been going nuts on my adult coloring book! I am hoping to have the whole thing done in order! haha its the little things!

The weather has been beautiful and chilly! We saw snow! Although it did not stick, it was there and it was beautiful to watch it fall at 2am. Its beginning to feel a lot like late November.

Here I go to find inspiration for dinner 🙂

All of this became gnocchi!
Honey Olive oil Cookies


Homemade Naan with Wensleydale and avocado

Pizza Rolls
Best Brownies!

4 thoughts on “23 on the 23rd and a sad bird

  1. Dear one, if I ate like you cook I would be globe shaped. All this sounds very, very special. But it was your OWN birthday! Get taken out next time. And never cry over badly cooked pheasant and awful potatoes . And spilt milk.
    Love to both of you.

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