Three things I learned this week and food :)

Well, being sick in England is the same as anywhere else only the cough medicine tastes like root beer. There is always a silver lining. I guess getting use to our new set of germs was inevitable. But it wasn’t fun. I am still coughing and it has been a little over 2 weeks since the first shoe fell.

We discovered a great many things while sick though. First and foremost we found our go to take away 😉 For about a week my sweetie probably felt and looked like a bachelor.  I am fairly sure they felt sorry for him at the take away place, because he went in three days in a row and picked up the same order. haha I just didn’t feel like cooking at all and it was what sounded good to us both.

Secondly, I found every single health food store within walking distance of our flat. I can also tell you what they do and do not carry at each place. It was a very important thing to learn. Now we are all stocked up for our next run in with the local germs.

Last thing I have learned in the past nine days is that auditions are a great deal more fun when they aren’t school related. I need to learn how to make all auditions seem inconsequential. I had the most fun auditioning for Female Chorus in Britten’s The Rape of Lucretia on Friday. I was still sick, didn’t have my full voice, but felt no pressure at all so I just sang. If I can figure out how to audition like that all the time, it would be really nice. I don’t know if I got the part, its way to soon to know. Even if I didn’t, I know that everyone in the audition had fun. 🙂 So this audition season, Singers, just have fun! Remember that you actually enjoy signing! Auditions make me forget that I love what I’m doing and I CHOSE to sing. That’s my epiphany this week :p

I started cooking again yesterday and its been a treat 😉 Spinach Ricotta Lasagna last night and biscuits this morning!

Dinner Brunch Now to clear the kitchen after brunch and go for a walk on the wall. Still can’t believe I’m walking on something the Romans built.

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Three things I learned this week and food :)

  1. I am glad you are writing these posts! The one about the magpies was interesting. Bud hated them – I saw some at the ranch and commented on how pretty they were and he said they were evil birds because they would attack new little baby animals and peck out their eyes… 😦
    So – whenever you see em make sure you keep moving:)))


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