Time and other matters

Time is a funny thing. In some ways it seems like we have always been in England. It feels very natural and comfortable. In other ways it feels like we just got here, which is the truth 🙂 Yesterday marked a week in our flat and 16 days in York. Wow! What an adventure! Here goes weeks three!

On Wednesday we went to our first Evensong service at York Minster. Ben, the tenor in John’s program sings there so we got to watch him sing and listen to absolutely beautiful music. The choir sang When David Heard by Thomas Tomkins. (Here is a really good recording of the piece:  https://youtu.be/A0zyvkup5tE ). John’s group will also be singing this piece in their first concert in December! I am so excited to hear it again! After Evensong, we went out to  Mama Mia! with Bec (one of the sopranos in the group) and Emi (the alto 😀 ). It was delicious and fun! Next we all met Katie and Owen and at the cinema and partook in the 4oth anniversary singalong of Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail. There is something very special about seeing that film in England on a big screen! Thus ended our first real “night out” in York. I’d call it a success. It has been so lovely getting to know the people John is singing with. They really make me feel at home.

On the food front, because we cannot for a moment forget food ;), I baked a lovely 7up pound cake yesterday. I must pat myself on the back for this particular cake. :p It was incredibly moist, perfectly dense, and exceptionally crispy all at the same time! You would have liked it a lot. The recipe is for a large bundt cake; but since I do not currently have a bundt pan, I made four smaller cakes. I took one down to our sweet landlords and had a little visit with them. I cannot tell you how kind and thoughtful they are. Ray is 77 and a retired plumber. He has the thickest of Yorkshire accents and I don’t always understand him so I smile and nod. Val is in her 60s and so interesting and knowledgeable. Yesterday we asked about the birds we had been seeing in the trees across the road. They are magpies. Beautiful magpies. Val taught us the nursery rhyme:

One for sorrow,

Two for joy,

Three for a girl,

Four for a boy,

Five for silver,

Six for gold,

Seven for a secret,

Never to be told.

Eight for a wish,

Nine for a kiss,

Ten for a bird,

You must not miss.

She said they always come in pairs. I am very excited to get to know them better. John is going to split wood for them next week and probably do odd jobs around the house.

We have phones now. It took a little while but we do. We cannot call internationally… but we can receive calls. I am also on Whatsapp! so that is an easy way to text now that we have more reliable internet, thanks to Ray and Val for letting us borrow theirs until we get our own set up. 🙂

We are incredibly blessed and happy.

The cake.
The cake.
This morning's view from our living room window.
This morning’s view from our living room window.

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