The Second Week :)

October 8:

We have our own place! We moved in at 2pm! It is so cute and compact. We are flat 7 in a very large 1870’s Victorian row house. It is on the third floor with three windows looking out over Bootham onto a grove of trees. The flat has kitchen/den, hall way/wc, bedroom/shower/sink. It is absolutely lovely and tiny! The landlords, Ray and Val Hudson, live on the first floor. They are retired and so they just spend their time looking after the place. It is a labor of love and it shows.

A little history of the house:

It was built in 1870 by George Fowler Jones as his family’s house. It seems he was  quite a famous architect, having designed several buildings in York. The house stayed in the family for quite some time and then began to change hands. In 1988 the Hudsons bought it and turned it into a guest house. They owned a pub with rooms to rent down the street and so the people staying in the house went over to the pub to eat. Val told me that they originally divided the house into 20 rooms so that 20 Irishmen could stay there. When those fellows moved out, Val and Ray wanted to make flats out of the rooms so they did. Three flats to a floor and then one in the basement and one in the attic. The rooms turned out so nicely. They advertise them as furnished rooms and they mean furnished. Our spot came with toilet paper and cleaning supplies and hangers and pots and pans and plates and cups and throw pillows and pretty much anything you could think of needing. We moved in and were set!

I am looking forward to getting to know Val and Ray. I think they are very neat and interesting people. Now off to get towels and sheets! – and some food to cook in our new tiny kitchen!

October 9:

Today is the first full day in our new spot. We do not have internet here yet so I am writing this on a word file and will upload it at some point in the near future. Our flat is adorable. The kitchen cooked a very tasty dinner, slept very nicely last night, and made a nice breakfast of eggs, croissants, butter and jam this morning.

We walked into town to grab wifi and pick up a few groceries we needed for the day. Last night’s shopping trip was the bare minimum.  Today we got baking stuff 😀 and tea so I am a happy girl. So far we have visited two different grocery stores. Sainsbury’s has excellent produce, very cheap and so very pretty. While Mark and Spencer’s has cheaper dry goods as well as better prices for milk and eggs. It is fun to learn where to shop. Both of these stores are easy to walk to from the flat and very fun to peruse.

I have now sent John of to his choir rehearsal with The 24 and I am sitting on our comfy settee coloring in my coloring book (pictures to come) and reading my book. Life is nice and simple right now. I am really enjoying English life. I am going to try my hand a making chips for dinner! I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

October 10:

Saturday has rolled around again. There is a quiet busyness that comes with Saturdays in York. The town swells with day trip visitors and the street performers and vendors come out in force. There is one crepe cart that always smells so good, but I’m saving it for later. 🙂

We decided it would be a good day to just walk around and try to get internet and  banking stuff sorted. In England it is hard to do either of those things. One must have A for B and C but also have C for A… but at least we know now that it can be done. In the mean time, while we wait for A and B, we got a little wireless data box to help with C. It is super cute and works really well. So that is why I can now post these little tidbits again.

We discovered Poundland in our travels today. Basically a dollar store, it is a great little spot to get toiletries and household goods like soap and toilet paper. Everything is a pound. That makes me happy.

After all of the galavanting, we picked up some salmon and parmesan and came home. A delicious dinner of pan fried salmon and pea risotto followed 🙂 so very tasty. We then had our nightly Aero bar. haha It has become a nice comforting tradition.

By the way, my chips turned out really really well.

October 11:

The days have been beautiful for the most part. There were three days the first week that were dark and rainy but since Thursday we have enjoyed sunny, cool days with very little fog.

We visited the crepe cart for a mid-morning pick-me-up! Nutella and banana crepes are wonderful 🙂 and walking around a walled city, people watching while eating a Nutella and banana crepe is just perfection.

Happy Sunday! 🙂IMG_4071

Stuff we ate :)))
Stuff we ate :)))
Pretty berries on one of our walks
Pretty berries on one of our walks
The Shambles outdoor market :)
The Shambles outdoor market 🙂

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