We walked for miles

October 1st:

Today started out fogy and cold with an amazing breakfast and a visit from the b&b’s resident cat, Tom

pictured here: John and his cat
pictured here: John and Tom, the cat

The breakfast was amazing! John had a full English Breakfast and I had porridge. Mmm mmm

After breakfast we ran around and got a great deal done! John got all registered for everything and picked up all the official cards.

We viewed a little apartment and really liked it. One step closer to having a place to live. So fun!

We walked around the university and got a feel for it. After Oberlin it seems huge! There is no direct way to get anywhere on campus, you must take little paths hither and thither. The calmest ducks I have ever seen live on the lake in the middle of campus. They look cuddly – but Im sure they would have resented being cuddled.

This is Heslington Hall. The oldest building on the University of York's campus.
This is Heslington Hall. The oldest building on the University of York’s campus.

October 2:

We are starting to feel the real effects of jet lag. The its two days were easier because there was so much to do and see. Last night we had the hardest time falling asleep at a reasonable hour. So this morning we were dragging. Also we walked for miles yesterday and today our walks resembled an elderly zombie couple. The bed and breakfast we are staying in has the sweetest people running it. We booked two night with them because that is all they had at the moment but another night became available so we get another lovely night and breakfast here. If you are ever in York stay at The Plough in Fulford. Wonderful people, food, and comfortable rooms.

John had an audition for an extra choir on top of his ensemble. It is called the 24 and it is also directed by the head of John’s program here at the uni (apparently that is the cool way to say university around here 🙂 .) It will be really fun to here all the concerts this coming year.

This evening we went to look at an apartment on Queen Victoria Street. Sadly the place had nothing more than a cute door. It was a very cute door. We will continue our search.

the exceedingly cute door and adorable garden down the road
The adorable garden down Queen Victoria
The exceedingly cute door (pardon the crookedness)

This evening after the property viewing we took off toward city centre to explore. We went in several little grocery stores and a Boots drug store to get the lay of the land. When we got hungry we came across a lovely little place called Bill’s Restaurant and enjoyed a lovely meal.

So ends day three and it feels like we have been here a week already. Here’s to more adventures and to finding the perfect place to live!



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