We are almost on our way

Hello all!

I was inspired to keep a blog for this next year by my cousin, Chloe McCown. She and her shiny new husband, Austin, just moved to China for this next school year. You can find her blog here:  https://adventuresofchloeandaustin.wordpress.com. She is the queen of blogs and when I read her posts I feel like anyone can do it so here it goes! 🙂

Tomorrow John and I will leave the US of A.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

more to follow soon 🙂


5 thoughts on “We are almost on our way

  1. Exciting! You must see the Martin’s while you are there and give Oliver a cuddle for us. You will live York. It is so beau8you will want to pinch yourself every day. But don’t do that, you’ll end up sporting black and clue spots whilst pub hopping. That would be awkward.
    Lots of love! (LOL) 😉 xxx <– you have to start putting kisses at the end of all your comments. It's the British thing to do.


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